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A Short Guide to Choosing Flowers for Weddings

Now, while choosing flowers for weddings is a task all on its own, relating them to a sentiment could make the process so much easier.

Whether it be for your wedding or you are in the throes of planning a wedding for someone else, putting a little extra thought into selecting wedding flowers could pay off better than you could hope for.

There is such beauty in knowing a special significance that something holds. Many people choose baby names simply because they love the meaning they hold. Flowers are also representatives in their own right.

Here are just a few that can be considered to be the best choice of flowers for weddings:


Each color has a special meaning and is a potent emblem for several strong emotions. You can’t go wrong with roses.

  • White – Elegance, faith, love, and reverence
  • Pink – Love, beauty, admiration, tenderness, and care
  • Hot pink – Romantic love
  • Red – Romance, passion, sensuality, and love
  • Dark purple – Majesty, sensuality, fun, and harmony
  • Orange – Passion, perseverance, peace, health, and happiness


A romantic flower, probably because its alluring scent enhances the beauty of existence. Stock flower is said to draw people and foster new relationships while also motivating them.

  • Kind-heartedness
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Good wishes
  • Friendship
  • Blissful pleasure
  • Gratitude
  • Loyalty
  • Purple – thoughtfulness and care

Calla Lilies

Classic white calla lilies are used as flowers for weddings to signify divinity, marital joy, and unwavering loyalty. In addition, the official flower for the sixth wedding anniversary is the calla lily.

  • White – Innocence and youth
  • Yellow – A sense of gratitude
  • Pink – Romance, love, and appreciation
  • Purple – Royalty, loyalty, wisdom, and admiration
  • Black – Elegance, beauty, and mystery
  • Red – Courage and determination


Besides the beautiful symbolism, alstroemeria are also believed to have healing properties and remind us that time is fleeting.

  • Red – Love, passion, prosperity, wealth, and honor 
  • Yellow – New beginnings
  • Pink – Compassion, happy marriage, good luck, and prosperity
  • Orange – Health, healing, longevity, and optimism


Another positive and cheerful flower, daisies, generally represent happiness and joy.

 White – Innocence and purity

  • Orange – Joy, and sunshine
  • Yellow – Happiness, and joy


Lilies are usually associated with traditional feminine qualities like chastity and motherhood, including:

  • Purity
  • Humility
  • Sweetness
  • Luck in happiness and love


Carnations generally inspire love, affection, captivation and distinction, safety, bravery, and strength. White and yellow carnations symbolize loss, grief, and condolences.

  • Light red – respect and admiration
  • Dark red – deep romantic love and affection
  • Pink – Gratitude
  • Orange – happiness, spontaneity, flamboyance, and enthusiasm
  • Purple – whimsicality


Such a bright and happy flower, yet often overlooked as an excellent choice for flowers for weddings.

Sunflowers are representative of such positivity, as well as:

  • Loyalty
  • Adoration
  • Happiness
  • Longevity
  • Provision


Chrysanthemums generally symbolize friendship, happiness, well-being, longevity, fidelity, joy, and optimism. Various colors symbolize other important meanings as well. The top choices for using them as wedding flowers are:

  • Red – love and deep passion
  • White – loyalty and honesty
  • Pink – the fragility of a romantic relationship
  • Orange – Feeling of delicate love
  • Red – Love and romance
  • Pink – Adoration, and admiration

Other small flowers and bouquet fillers

Even the small flowers and bouquet fillers have significant meaning, such as:

Thistles – The humble thistle quietly brings divine love, loyalty, endurance, unity, and victory.

Star of Bethlehem – It should come as no surprise that the purity symbol is connected to the Star of Bethlehem flower. If you have a kind-hearted individual you adore greatly in your life; this flower is perfect for you. They also introduce the concepts of joy and happiness.

Leucadendrons – These are typically used to convey an appreciation for simplicity in life. Their meaning is enhanced when pairing Leucadendron with blooms, which can lead to compliments of luck, love, or new prospects. Red and pink can also be interpreted as representing desire. They might be used for romantic arrangements as a result of this meaning. When used in this way, Leucadendron can also refer to a simple appreciation of beauty.

Hypericum – These yellow flowers, which initially produce green berries, are associated with cheerfulness, inspiration, protection, rebirth, and good health. Although Hypericum berries may not be flowers, they go well with all types of blossoms.

Freesia – Being one of the most fragrant flowers, they most often represent thoughtfulness and perseverance, innocence, romance, friendship, happiness, optimism, beauty, royalty, femininity, and love

Gardenia – Gardenia flowers mean a confession of love, joy, and beauty. It is a mysterious flower connected to the force of attraction and good vibes. They also denote purity, gentleness, passion, love, admiration, respect, clarity, and devotion

Baby’s Breath – This is the perfect addition to any arrangement as its encompassing symbolism is everlasting love. Each color also has a significant meaning, namely:

  • White – Unity and spirituality
  • Blue – Honesty and respect
  • Orange – Joy, and optimism
  • Red – Love and romance
  • Pink – Gentleness, and emotion
  • Purple – Royalty and beauty
  • Yellow – Gift of joy and cheerfulness

So, perhaps, instead of trying to color-match flowers for your, or someone else’s, wedding, you could match them up with the sentiment of the symbolism they hold.

You could incorporate them into your speech and let your guests know that these are more than just part of the beautiful décor.


Flowers for Weddings

Whatever is decided, you can inevitably not go wrong. Follow your heart. Just one click and figuring out your flowers for weddings can be a smooth and hassle-free process.

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