About Flowers For Weddings

A Unique Wedding Flower Experience

We are a second-generation flower wholesaler that is family-owned and operated. As fresh flowers are shared in times of joyous celebration, great sorrow, or just to show you care, it is an absolute honor to be a part of people’s special moments.

Our flowers are harvested fresh from the farm, direct to your door. We are thrilled to be part of a market that represents farm to door sustainability. There is no middle man, no holding, no excessive transportation; only the freshest flowers directly from the master grower to you.

Although we sell a variety of wholesale flowers and greens, weddings are our passion. We understand how much preparation goes into planning your Big Day. Let us help alleviate some of that pressure by providing beautiful, budget-friendly, pre-assembled bouquets and arrangements. The flowers simply arrive ready to shine, so you can relax and enjoy your special moment.

Fresh flowers have the power to enhance the atmosphere in a room, change someone’s mood, and bring the beauty of nature to the table. We take pride in offering quality flowers at an affordable price nationwide. Whether you’re looking for flowers for your dream wedding, social event, or simply to enjoy around the house, we are here for you!

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