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White-Yellow Novelty Poms


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White-Yellow Novelty Poms are a beautiful addition to your wholesale wedding flowers.

Three cheers for unique white and yellow novelty pompon! Pompons are a florist’s go-to flower for adding volume, height, and texture to wedding flower centerpieces. They are perfect for creating a more charming, rustic atmosphere. These delightful beauties can help brighten and bring wonderment to your wedding fun.

  • 3-5 Blooms per Stem
  • Choose a delivery date 3 days before an event, to allow time for hydration and bloom.
  • Upon arrival, be sure to trim the stems and place in water immediately.

Pro Tips: Pompons usually have 3-5 primary blooms per stem, with a number of smaller secondary blooms. Feel free to pluck the smaller blooms off and any unsightly foliage, for a more clean look. 

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