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Boutonniere Radiant


Boutonniere Radiant, PRE-DESIGNED and ready to go right out of the box.

Who knew such a tiny floral arrangement, could have such a huge impact on the style of the wedding? Flowers For Wedding boutonnieres come pre-arranged with a pin for fastening on a jacket, suspenders, or shirt.  Of course the groom and groomsmen get to share in the wedding flower love, but don’t forget about the dads, grandfathers, officiant, and ring bearer as well.

Leave a lasting impression with this striking spray rose boutonniere from the Radiant Collection.

  • Boutonnieres arrive farm fresh, pre-designed with a pin, and ready for use on your Wedding Day.
  • We recommend choosing a delivery date 3 days before the event, to allow time for hydration and blooming.
  • Upon arrival, simply trim the stems, place back in water tube, and store in a refrigerator or cool location.

Pro Tip: When ready to use, we recommend drying thoroughly and trimming the stem up to the ribbon. Traditionally, the boutonniere is positioned on the left lapel of the jacket, suspenders, or shirt. Weave the pin through the fabric, boutonniere, and back through the fabric. A second pin can be added for extra support.

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