Assorted Carnations


Assorted Carnations are a beautiful addition to your wholesale wedding flowers.

Carnations are a dream for designers and brides to work with for their wedding flowers. Whether arranging them in a bouquet, boutonniere, corsage, or centerpiece, they are sure to bring a classic and timeless energy. Their resilient stems and soft blooms make them ideal wedding flowers. Farm-fresh and perfect for budget-friendly brides.

  • Red, White, Pink, Novelty (bi-color, purple, yellow, etc)
  • Colors May Vary
  • Single Ruffled Bloom
  • Choose a delivery date 3 days before an event, to allow time for hydration and bloom.
  • Upon arrival, be sure to trim the stems and place in water immediately.

Pro Tips: Carnations are one of the most durable flowers on the market. If the blooms arrive a bit closed, simply spread open the petals and place near a window. 

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