Aspidistra Garland

Aspidistra Garland will bring your wedding flowers and decor to the next level.

Aspidistra garland features long, shiny, wide leaves. Depending on the season, some will be solid green, while others will have faded yellow striping. They are hardy and long lasting, perfect for a tropical feel.  

The beauty of a lush garland of greenery is unparalleled. Whether garnishing the entire length of a table, encompassing centerpieces, or adorning archways, the possibilities are endless. Our fresh garland is hand-made with a strong, yet flexible wire core and an attached loop for hanging or linking with ease. Take your wedding décor to the next level with stylish, exuberant fresh greenery garland.

  • Wire Core with Loop
  • Choose a delivery date 3 days before an event, to allow time for hydration and bloom.
  • Upon arrival, be sure to trim the stems and place in water immediately.

Pro Tips: Garland will arrive freshly bagged. Open the bag a bit to allow the greenery to breathe. Store in refrigerator if possible. Enjoy the long-lasting freshness of greens for many days to come!

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